'Jade Sea' Cluster and Shell Set

  • 'Jade Sea' Cluster and Shell Set

Set includes, Left to Right;

- The 'Jade Sea' 5 stone cluster comprises of 4mm Peacock Blue Opal central stone, two 3mm Emerald Green and two 2mm Aqua Cubic Zircons. Anodised in Gold.

- Gold or Rose Gold Anodised Sea Shell.


1 x 'Jade Sea' 5 Stone Cluster internally thread attachment, anodised in Gold.
1 x Sea Shell internally threaded attachment, anodised in gold.
2 x 7mm (x1.2mm) Titanium internally threaded posts.


Made of ASTM F136 surgical implant-grade titanium, suitable for human implant.

Features premium synthetic opal and cubic zirconia.

Stone held in place using a secure bezel setting.

Attachments screw into QualiTi Body Jewellery internally threaded posts.

*Comes complete with 7mm long titanium labret post. This size post should be suitable for fully healed piercings such as Lobe, Helix, Conch.

Please make a note during the checkout process if you require a different length post.